Fhtagn All

From: Dthyeras the Unclean

To: Suug R’tholeh – All


Has anyone ever run into a human whose mind actually has the ability to correlate its contents, and thus comprehend the cacophonous whispers of primordial chaos permeating the darkest corners of the vast emptiness of the stark, indifferent cosmos?

Because I think I’ve got one on my hands here. Or its mind was already sundered by unspeakable horrors before I showed up. But the database shows none of the Ancient Ones, unspeakable or otherwise, passing through.

So this is kind of freaking me out a little. I figure I can swat this entire world into the void as a giant swats an insect, but I’m sort of worried this human may turn out to be a physical projection of the barest sliver of some titanic unseen intelligence lurking at the very edge of our reality. Like Frank, in other words.

Anyway, if anyone has suggestions, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.


From: Qycrrthag

I think you meant to send this to the Suugr’antrala – Questions distribution list. I’m not sure what Suug R’tholeh – All is supposed to cover, but I work in Accounting, so I obviously don’t have any input on your situation. Sorry.

From: Xanos World Eater

Please remove me from this distribution list. Thanks.

From: Ythagrn the Black

Remove me too, please. I shouldn’t be on this list.

From: Dread Wrqulrus


From: The Virgin of Torment

Please stop using Reply All to ask to be removed from the distribution list.

But do please remove me also. Thanks.

From: Xanos World Eater

Sorry! lol

From: Xanos World Eater

Whoops. That was even dumber. I really am sorry. I’ll stop now.

From: Creeping Death

Please remove me. Thanks.

From: The Eyeless

[;esde tp,pbr ,r gtp, yjod fodytoniyopm ;ody/ Yjsnkd/

From: Dthyeras the Unclean

Sorry to use the wrong list everyone. But seriously, can anyone help me out. I brushed past this supposed human while cloaked in shadow to make the dead of night seem bright as day, and he definitely turned to look in my direction. I think this could be a real problem.

From: 666573647573856294968264949682644958828463632849345


From: Xanos World Eater

So is everyone cool with Azathoth’s for lunch? Yrinxes, they do have a gluten-free menu.

From Xanos World Eater

Whoops. Sorry everyone. Replied to the wrong email.

From: Illitrath the Despoiler

Everyone stop using Reply All!

From: Xanos World Eater


From: Xanos World Eater

Dammit. I did it again. I’m so sorry.

From: Xanos World Eater

Okay, I promise this is the last one. But I really do need to say I’m sorry about the profanity. Please don’t call HR. LOL

From: Gnagash Gaimandaz

This has gotten completely out of hand. Everyone stop Reply Alling.

From: Azhosden

LOL Stop using Reply All to tell people not to Reply All!

From: Dthyeras the Unclean

Someone please help. He CAN see me. He can TOUCH me! His thoughts slide into my mind like tendrils of shadow. Please h

From: Cthulhu

Stop. Using. Reply. All.




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