Michael A. Zodda is ths sort of person who spends a lot of time thinking about whether to use his middle initial on the cover of the book he’ll probably never publish, and whether to write the bio for his website in the third person or the first. That said, he does enjoy writing a great deal, but could clearly manage profilehis time better.

When he does right, Michael writes in any genre in which he can think of a good idea. Being a huge geek, this usually means sci-fi, fantasy, and/or smartassery.

From his humble beginning as a naked, slimy, squalling protohuman, Michael grew up reading anything and everything he could get his hands on. While this stunted his mastery of such fields as being good at sports and talking to girls, he did figure out how words worked.

Escaping high school with only moderate emotional scarring (possibly imagined), Michael headed to the University of Notre Dame to study computer engineering. He quickly switched to English once it became clear that calculus was not his friend. Along the way, he met Elizabeth at band camp. They’d get married eight years later.

After graduating, Michael found an actual English major job writing for a financial company, where he spends a lot of time in meetings thinking up ideas for books. He recently received a master of arts degree in Writing Studies from St. Joseph’s University.

His favorite authors include Kurt Vonnegut, Robert Jordan, Isaac Asimov, and Brandon Sanderson. He is unworthy of naming any of them as an influence. His work has appeared inThe Avenue and on his mother’s refrigerator, where it was rarely used to jot down phone messages. He is currently writing the bio for his web page instead of working on his first novel, which he is thoroughly sick of revising at this point.

Michael lives outside Philadelphia with Elizabeth and their daughter, the world’s most adorably effective distraction from writing.


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