Excuses Excuses

I started several (or at least one) introductions where I meditated on the difficulty of sitting yourself down to do some writing as a jumping off point for a larger yet still brief reflection on the pace of information overload that drives our modern world. But it sounded stupid and now I’m hungry.

So skipping ahead, here are some of the actual excuses I’ve concocted to not get writing:

– I’m too tired to write well.
– I’m too hyped up to focus.
– I’m too mad at the prospect of sitting around for two hours waiting for the Verizon guy to use the time to write.
– I read a lot today, so at least I did something literary.
– I can’t concentrate knowing there’s a new episode of Castle/Agents of Shield/Game of Thrones/etc. on the DVR.
– I don’t have two bucks to get a drink at Starbucks where I can sit and write.
– I can’t find a table at Starbucks at which to sit and write.
– I only have an hour (or two, or four) until the thing I have to go to. Why bother getting started?
– I’m so close to finishing that one mission in that game to concentrate on something else.
– I can just get started on the next mission in that game before I write.
– I’m halfway through the next mission. Might as well finish before I write.
– I haven’t written anything so far this week. Let’s wait until next week so I can start a streak.
– I forgot to charge my laptop, my tablet, and my other laptop. Only barbarians write on paper.
– I executed a home repair with out hurting myself or making the problem worse. I deserve a break.
– I made the problem worse and/or hurt myself executing a home repair. I deserve a break.
– I blogged today. That’s like writing.

Obviously, none of this is my fault and I’m being held back by the universe.


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