Strunk You

I’m really sick of this kind of disrespectful application of English:



It cheapens the language of Shakespeare and makes everyone who reads it a little bit dumber.

Nobody is impressed when you correct someone.

Oh, check out that clever reversal you just did. Been working on that all day?

Look, the state of spelling and grammar these days is pretty horrid, especially on the internet. You know it, and I know it. But it doesn’t annoy me nearly as much as the legions of smug pedants we have running around.

No one’s impressed with your vocabulary, either. Pedant…

Spelling and grammar are not signs of intelligence. Smart people can mix up theirthey’re, and there. And dumb people can buy the Gregg Reference Manual.

Perfect usage just means you learned the rules and pay attention to detail. Good for you. But correcting people like a dick is the easiest way for a stupid person to sound smart for other stupid people. And if the only counter argument you have for someone’s statement is that they used its when they meant it’s, you’ve lost and just don’t know it. Let’s face it, that rule is backwards anyway.

Getting your proofread on isn’t funny either. See above. That zombie joke started out stupid, and the extra layer didn’t make it any better.

Just stop. Roll your eyes at the mistakes and move on.

You’re not just saying this because your typos frequently include misspelling the name of your employer, right?


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