Why Do This?

It’s a scary time to be a would-be novelist. I’m already haunted by the constant knowledge that This Sucks And I’m A Terrible Writer. But these days I also get to worry that the publishing industry will implode before I can figure out how to write well enough.

Maybe if you hadn’t waited 15 years between deciding you’d like to publish a novel and actually writing a novel…

Regardless, there are fewer and fewer places for a new author to sell fiction to a shrinking audience. The number of people who say they just “don’t read fiction” is getting depressing. What else don’t they like? Eating? Breathing? Having sex?

And now Amazon is starting to really throw its weight around as the world’s largest bookseller. Or Hachette overplayed its hand in the negotiation. I don’t really care who’s being the dick in this fight. I just know it sucks for authors and it sucks for readers.

You should embrace the e-book revolution. Now you don’t need some elitist publisher to get read!

Sure, all I want is to be read. And paid, obviously. But if I’m honest, I really do want the validation of selling (out) to a major publisher. If there’s anything the 21st century has proven, it’s that all kinds of stupid shit gets insanely popular on the internet. Even if I did manage to do good business through self-publishing, I’d never know if I was a good writer or just found an inexplicable audience online. Just look what happened with 50 Shades of Grey.

So you’re an elitist yourself.

Sure. I’m also lazy. If I wanted to make use of the democratization of publishing, I’d need to pay for things like editing and artwork. And I’d need to do all my own promotion. If I had the self-confidence to self-promote and build an audience on the internet, I probably wouldn’t be spending so much time writing about imaginary things.

Isn’t self-promotion exactly what you’re trying to do with this site? By claiming you have no interest in promoting yourself, aren’t you really just covering for the fact that you suspect you’ll suck at it?

Shut up. Just shut up!


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